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EnLoveCandles Wombman Body Candle Collection. Sexy and minimalistic, these candles are meant to spice up your decor. Place them in your bathroom, bedroom, living room, or kitchen for an extra touch of feminine energy to your space. Learn about each of our Wombman Body Candles down below:


Venus - Love and Beauty

Rose - Gratitude, Peace, Purity, and Passion

Isis - Moon, Fertility, Healing, and Magic

Kenya - Serene, Loving, and Kind Peacemaker Wombman

Khadijah - Trustworthy Respected Feminine Wombman

Wombman Full Figured Body Candle Bundle

$64.44 Regular Price
$41.89Sale Price
    • 4oz. 100% Natural Soy Wax
    •  10.16 cm height x 5.08  length x 5.84 cm width 
    • Hand-poured & Packed with Love in Charlotte, NC
    • Please note that natural soy wax has a slower burn time than most commercial candles. Proper storage will keep your candle burning bright. Soy wax candles are very sensitive to heat and light. Store your candle in a cool, dark area. Avoid overly warm storage options, like over the stove or near a heat source. Always store candles upright. 
    • Recommend using the candle as a decor element; however, if you are keen to light it up, would recommend placing a plate underneath to contain any wax remnants. If lit, the product shall not be left unattended.
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